Grand Cayman, Caribbean

Grand Cayman, shaped like a giant claw "pinching" the North Sound, is the largest of the three islands in the Cayman Islands, a rich territory of the UK.
George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands and its largest city.
A glitzy shopping mecca and global financial center, where five-star hotels line the fabulous white-sand Seven Mile Beach and the wealthy from around the world spend time sipping cocktails and discretely playing with their millions.

George Town

Yet beyond George Town and Seven Mile Beach the island does have its own quiet charm and Caribbean life still leaves its mark on what, in many places, could be mistaken for suburban Florida, for its dawn and impromptu parties. The island is crowded, no doubt, and it´s far from being an idyllic Caribbean hideaway, but with its excellent restaurants, shopping, activities and things to see and do, Grand Cayman is certainly not a place to be bored.

Me and my Stingray friend

What to do and to see:

Cayman Islands National Museum, Harbour Drive, George Town

Ft. George remains, Harbour Dr. and Fort St., George Town. Remains of a 1790 fort built to protect the harbor.

Cayman Maritime Treasure Museum, North Church St., George Town. Boat building, turtling and pirates.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, North Side. Much to see here, with a visitor center, short walking trail, endemic blue iguanas, and a c. 1900 Cayman farmhouse and sand garden. 

Boatswain's Beach, 825 Northwest Point Road, West Bay. Over fourteen thousand turtles from the tiniest to over 600 pounds. Visitors are allowed to pick up turtles from some of the hexagonal pools. 

Pedro St. James Castle, Savannah. This 1780 stone structure, surrounded by a preserve, has hourly multimedia shows.

Hell, West Bay. This is a common tour stop, often shrugged at by those who go there. It consists of black volcanic rock formations that are thought to resemble what Hell might be like. You can get postcards postmarked there, and there are a couple of gift shops selling all the Hell-themed souvenirs imaginable.

Cemetery Beach, Seven Mile Beach. This is the northern end of Seven Mile Beach, beautiful spot with snorkeling right off shore. Access is off the road through a small path. Next to a small island cemetery, hence the name.

Stingray City, actually a sandbar, where stingrays swim alongside you in the tranquil waters.   

Undersea Tours, semi-submersible vessels take you on tour of shipwrecks and reefs offshore in Georgetown.



Where is Grand Cayman?

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