Saint-Martin, Caribbean

1 island... 2 nations!

This 87 km Caribbean island is one of the smallest islands divided between two nations, a division dated to 1648. It´s divided roughly 60/40 between France (Saint Martin) and the Netherlands (Sint Maarten), however the Dutch side has the larger population.

Bordered by the Caribbean Sea on the West and the Atlantic Ocean on the East, lined by long beaches of white sand, gently swept by the Trade Winds, and enjoying the warm tropical sun, the island of Saint-Martin is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, an extremely rich and varied world.
You will find in here an incomparable quality of life and quietness, a large choice of daytime activities, and, of course, plenty to keep your nights busy, with the best restaurants in the Caribbean and many other night spots.

Open to the Atlantic Ocean´s surf or gently rocked by the Caribbean Sea´s, each has its very own character. Secluded and deserted or lined by the best restaurants and water sports centers, a stone´s throw away from town or hidden at the end of a hiking trail, they offer unequally variety and quality. For the past few years, some of the beaches have been protected by the island's marine preserves and, little by little, have become true ecological sanctuaries, for everyone´s welfare.

Things to do and see:


32 beaches

Butterfly Park, a paradise garden, where hundreds of exotic butterflies from around the world flutter freely in their own natural paradise.

Saint-Martin Park (flora and fauna) - located on the Dutch side, you will discover the flora and fauna of the Caribbean.

Watersports (boardsailing, kite surfing, waterskiing, wake boarding, light cat sailing)

Sea Kayaking

Scuba Diving

On land... itineraries and trails to discover the island (hiking and mountain biking)

Restaurants, Hotels, Art Galleries

Plantation Mont Vernon
To get a taste of old-time Caribbean life, just go to Mount-Vernon Plantation. Entering this former sugar mill residence is like turning to the first page of the great Caribbean book. Meandering paths in this beautifully wooded, multi-colored park let you discover how tobacco, salt, indigo, cotton, sugarcane, rum, coffee, vanilla or banana have, over the course of time, written the pages of the rich Antillean patrimony.

One island... two Carnivals!... The double-nation status of Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten provides everyone the happy opportunity to celebrate two Carnivals a year.

Where is Saint-Martin?

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