Juneau, Alaska, USA

Juneau... mystical! Good memories though. The beautiful views from Mount Roberts, the trip to Mendenhall Glacier, the shopping, the misty and rainy days... and Juneau people don´t use umbrellas! Stubbornness or being in denial, but they just don´t use umbrellas! And there are no roads connecting Juneau to the  other towns... you need to go by boat or plane.


Alaska's capital city, accessible only by boat or by plane, may be geographically secluded, but it's a sociable spot. It is home to more than 30,000 residents, and it welcomes close to a million adventure-seeking visitors this year.
The city sits on the rugged shores of Gastineau Channel, its skyline dominated by immediate mountains.The famous Mendenhall  Glacier rests in Juneau's back yard. Area waters are home to humpbacks, halibut and an array of salmon.

Mendenhall Glacier

"I didn't see the bear, but he was here for sure!"

The national bird, bald eagle, flies local skies. Roughly 50% of the world´s population of eagles resides in Alaska.

Bald Eagle

Bears, mountain goats, sea lions, seals and various other wildlife also inhabit the area.
Tucked in the midst of a rain forest, Juneau has an average of 222 days of rain or mist each year. The abundance of rain creates a living landscape of lacy ferns, vivid wildflowers and lush forests that enhance the lofty peaks, massive icefields and profuse waterways.
Ample adventures await outdoor enthusiasts who take on camping, hiking, skiing, kayaking, rafting and lots of fishing.

Whale watching

Other popular activities include whale watching and sightseeing. A zip up the Mount Roberts Tramway or a tour of Glacier Gardens offer panoramic views. Local attractions and spectacular scenery can be further observed via helicopter tours, floatplane rides, bus travels, boat trips or by simply hoofing it around town.
There is a lot to see in Juneau. The city was built on the back of a gold rush, the remnants of which can be spotted _and even experienced_ throughout the town and its museums.

View from Mount Roberts on a normal day... rainy!

Juneau is unlike any other place on earth. Bears frequently wander into downtown. Salmon flop into kayaks, humpback whales flip 16-foot boats, and the orcas have been known to escort Coast Guard cutters out of town. Outdoor stairs count as streets, and irreverent residents refer to their local state office building as the S.O.B..
On Juneau's longest day, June 21, there is 18 hours and 18 minutes of daylight. The shortest day in December, only 6 hours and 22 minutes of daylight, which means most working people don't get too much time outdoors.


Where is Juneau?

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