Caribbean people and cuisine

Caribbean people love to enjoy a good party or "lime" (informal gathering), and always present are drinks
 and, of course, food.

The Caribbean islands boast some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the friendliest peoples and the most colorful of cuisines.
The deep turquoise blue waters provide a vast assortment of fresh seafood on a daily basis, the rich soil in some of the tropical rainforested countries gives all the fresh vegetables and herbs and the delicious and intriguing ground or root provisions.
Tropical fruits are delightfully juicy and sugary sweet and can be likened to the splendour of a Caribbean sunset with their vibrant hues of brilliant yellow and orange.
Sugar cane is rated the best in the world for both white and brown sugar and rums are always placed top of the ratings.

Traditional Caribbean food has gained the reputation for being a little heavy and high in fat content, though very tasty!
It is a cuisine historically comprised of rich brown stews, rice and pea dishes sometimes simmered in coconut milk, provisions and starches enveloped in sauces, spicy curries and rotis, vegetable cooked with butter, flaky pastries, tender mouth-watering breads and, of course, butter cakes and creamy desserts.
These represent a rich inheritance from the African, Indian and European ancestors respectively. They are all foods infused with the local grown fresh herbs and embellished with each island's own version of pepper and sauce or salsa made from hot fresh peppers and fruits.
Ground provisions (yams, sweet potatoes, taro root, cassava, eddoes, tannia) are a staple in Caribbean diets and were brought to the Caribbean by African ancestors, while the breadfruit was brought by Captain Bligh in 1793, as food for the slaves on the sugar plantations.
Almost always at any festive occasion in the Caribbean some type of cake will be served, a rich rum cake at Christmas or a sponge cake with a butter or egg white frosting at a birthday celebration.

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